Yoga (Hot)

  • Hot Yoga

    One of the most popular methods ever of detoxification in a heated room with a rising temperature at 37 degrees, enough to make you perspire. It is designed in such a way to loosen muscles stiffness and prevents injuries. Hot Yoga helps to improves circulation, blood flow and also as a mean to get rid of body heat.

  • Hot Slimming Therapy

    Known as a therapeutic way of practising yoga with the aim of slimming body weight - Suitable for all levels, especially those who have health related illnesses such as stress, high blood pressure, back or neck pain, constipation, asthma.



  • Hot Back Bend

    A class focusing on your back by giving the flexibility in stretching and maximises your ability to do bending in different asanas posture.

  • Hot Core Yoga

    Stimulates core parts in our body. It physically and mentally challenges the practitioners to connect to an inner power. Core Yoga helps heal, detoxify and rouse the body and mind. It mostly emphasis on abs, back, hips and pelvis.

  • Hot Flow

    Hot Flow's classes & styles will guide you towards complete wellness, flexibility, strength, and balance. Our offerings range from classes that focus on a slower pace with longer-held poses exploring healthy alignment to more vigorous, athletic flowing styles

  • Hot Stretch

    Hot Stretch uses the concept of using yoga postures to fully stretch the body. In doing so, it helps to improve the flexibility of the body and stimulate the glands. Other benefits include muscle toning and loosening of the joints, which are ideal for those who are not flexible or have sports injuries.

  • Real Yoga by Saumik (1.5 hours)

    Exclusively design curriculum Hot classes for advanced practitioner - involves synchronizing the breath with a set sequence of postures, which produces intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs.
    The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind. it features postures from the first half of the primary series as well as the finishing set of postures. It is a dynamic and vigorous practice suitable for yoga teachers as well who would like to sharpen their practices.